An Original Canadian e-Liquid

Gold Seal e-Liquid™ is the original brand from True North Vapor that helped start it all in Canada.

Introduced as a top brand in the Canadian market in 2013, Gold Seal e-Liquid™ boasted a large variety of premium quality flavours. Through large production volume and top-quality safety standards, the brand met the rapidly growing demands of the market as the country was quickly making the switch.

Over the next few years new e-liquid brands would emerge and new technology would be made available, Gold Seal e-Liquid™ continues to provide many of the most popular flavours and remains one of the largest e-liquid brands in Canada.

Large Flavour Catalog

Lab-tested products

ECTA Certified Brand

Great Prices

International Brand

Top customer service

E-liquid Blends to Satisfy Everyone

Gold Seal e-Liquid™ offers a complete line of e-liquid for beginners looking for that alternative to traditional tobacco smoking, and for the vaping enthusiasts that enjoy a smoother sensation from a wide selection of delicious flavours that produce big clouds.

Gold Seal e-Liquid™ 50PG/50VG

The original line-up of 50PG/50VG blend, in a large variety of flavours, remains one of the best selling e-liquids in Canada

Gold Seal e-Liquid™ Max VG

The Max VG line of favourite Gold Seal e-Liquid™ flavours offers that big taste and clouds for Max VG enthusiasts

Gold Seal e-Liquid™ Max VG 120mL Bottles

A bigger bottle of the Max VG line means better value for vapers with a higher volume e-liquid consumption

True North Vapor is a member of the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association (ECTA) of Canada
True North Vapor is a member of the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association (ECTA) of Canada

The Electronic Cigarette Trade Association (ECTA) of Canada is an industry wide body working to ensure the correct legal and regulatory frameworks are applied to electronic cigarette products. True North Vapor has been an early client member of ECTA for 9 years - since December, 2013. Our ECTA stamp identifies us as a participating business and shows that we are legally compliant, our products tested safe, and our business is following a standard of excellence that consumers can trust. Please click on the stamp to confirm our membership.